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Helping brands achieve incredible engagement with unbeatable YouTube video content

Over the last five years, Trident Digital Media has provided services for some of the world’s top companies and brands. Be it creating engaging, video content, managing their entire YouTube channel, designing branded content and advertising material, seen by millions of viewers or planning and executing the creation of immersive live events, livestreams, podcasts series. All of which is designed to turn your current customer into a loyal, engaged audience member.If you desire to propel your current digital media offering to new heights, our aim is to make that happen for you.

Unlike many other digital agencies, Trident practices what it preaches by using our expertise to both, create and manage our own, highly successful, in-house multimedia brands too. This allows our team to keep a firm finger on the pulse of the ever shifting digital landscape, along with the latest variations in online viewer habits and algorithmic changes. As a result, TDM doesn’t just make digital content – we create complete, online ecosystems. Ecosystems which will keep your audience engaged and coming back, time and again.

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Companies spend billions of dollars collectively each year, running advertising on other YouTuber’s content. Yet they spend a fraction of this same budget either creating their own content or building their own YouTube channels – an approach that would not only pay for itself but massively increase customer loyalty and repeat business. Why spend so much money continually renting space on the advertising billboard, when you can simply own the billboard outright, often a very little additional cost? The lack of a clearly defined and successful YouTube strategy is often due to lack of desire but rather, uncertainly of how to achieve it. This is where TDM comes in.

YouTube is not simply a video website; it’s something far more significant. YouTube’s user-friendliness, combined with the soaring popularity of video content, has made it the second largest search engine in the world, behind only Google itself. With 3 billion searches per month, YouTube’s search volume is larger than that of Bing, Yahoo, AOL and Ask.com combined! Owning a solid piece of this vitally significant, digital real estate no longer has to be permanently housed on your companies ‘to-do list’ or worst still, overlooked entirely as something that is even needed. Let Trident Digital Media show you how – TODAY!

Clients & partners

Trident Digital media has had the privilege of working with some amazing partners and clients.

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Oli Davis, CEO
Richard Dunn, COO
Rehan Iqbal, CTO
Katarina Waters, Content Development – North America
Luke Owen, Senior Producer
Laurie Blake, Head of Production
Abbie Payne, Social Media Manager
Pete Quinnell, Channel Director – WrestleTalk
Tempest, Channel Director – Parts Funknown
Teri Limongi, Senior Editor
Jena Llewellyn, Operations Coordinator
Sullivan Beau Brown, Content Producer
Andy Datson, Website Manager
Sat Niangi, Content Producer
Rich Goodyer, Head Editor
Dave Bradshaw, Strategic Creative Coordinator
Ellis Thomas, Assistant Editor
Adam Witney, Assistant Editor
Brandon Syres, Production Assistant


In short, we can do either. Some clients already have an in-house editing crew or social media team, and thus simply want someone to tell them exactly how to better use their existing YouTube channel or content improve their current content strategy. Other clients would rather hand the entire project to someone else, leaving us to come up with the content ideas, film it and then run the entire channel and scheduling strategy. In both these instances, we can assist. Alternatively, you may already have an idea in mind but are struggling to execute it correctly. If so, we can help here too. Perhaps you already have a YouTube channel but are not happy with it's current monetisation or maybe you're looking for assistance with creating additional revenue streams from you existing video content. If so, we can handle that too. Whatever the case, contact Trident Digital Media today.

This is a a fairly common concern for businesses. How would a hair dressing chain benefit from YouTube content for example? The answer is, they'd benefit a LOT! 'The top 10 hair styles of the year', '5 hairstyle hacks to benefit your face shape', are two examples of the type of content that such a business could use. This content would not only promote their business, website and social channels, but allows the type of consistent, customer engagement and direct communication that such a business likely struggles to achieve outside of their clients monthly or bi-monthly appointments. This radical change in communication frequency not only allows said business to better assure retaining their customers, but also provides a far better way to upsell items like haircare products - not to mention the number of new customers that this content could attract! In short, whatever your business or brand, there is a strong chance that the correct YouTube strategy could have very real, tangible benefits as the perfect addition to your current marketing or media budget. Don't believe us? Talk to one of our Trident Digital Media consultants today and get free, expert guidance.

One of the biggest surprises for the majority of our clients is the cost of our services, when compared to things like Facebook advertising. The surprise being that there really is very little difference. However, unlike advertising on Facebook, money spent on creating bespoke YouTube content isn't 'wasted' after on click. YouTube content lasts forever, gaining viewers and representing your brand, long after a timed ad campaign would have concluded. Not only that, but the type of engagement that a customer has with good YouTube content far surpasses that which a traditional Facebook or AdSense campaign can hope to achieve. In simple terms, the costs are often comparable but the benefits are usually anything but!

As with most things in business, the answer to this question can be fairly varied. However, it can be easily broken up into two separate parts. 1) How long does it take to achieve respectable YouTube growth? 2) How long would I need to commit to TDM for this? To answer the first part, while growth is not always easy, with the right approach and a level of reactive flexibility, tangible growth tends to occur anywhere between 3-6 months. While it cannot always be guaranteed that a certain approach will always connect with audiences, each approach will provide clear data trends, which allow Trident's team to make adjustments and/or revise the entire strategy, if required, until measurable progress happens. With this in mind, we advise our clients to commit to anywhere between 3-12 months, dependant on their aims and budgets.

Again, this often depends on a company/brands aims and budgets. For some clients we recommend just one video per week. For others, we've executed a daily video strategy. If done right, the frequency of content doesn't always effect the budget. For example, one expensively produced, high end video can cost the same as five, more basic, ones. As the quality and budget of a video often has very little bearing on it's overall success, we aim to design the most cost effective, consistently manageable content schedule possible, in order to target compound channel growth, over simple, one off viral videos which rarely induce viewers to subscribe and return.

Once the channel reaches a level where it is not only paying for itself but also making a profit, there are several options available to you. You can 'double down' and grow the channel further, adding more content and building an even larger subscriber base. Alternatively or additionally, you can pursue further growth and revenue drivers such as podcasts, secondary channels, branded content deals, related merchandise and more. Whichever route best suites you, Trident Digital Media is there to assist and/or execute these for you, should you wish us to be.

This is actually far more common that it sounds. Some brands desire the marketing and consumer engagement value of a thriving YouTube channel, yet don't want to run the risk of their competitors paying for advertising to appear before their own content. If so, that's absolutely achievable. YouTube channel don't have to be monetised and as such, adverts will not appear on or in their videos.