The world's biggest wrestling media brand

Trident Digital Media took over WrestleTalk’s digital presence in 2017, after the brand’s four year deal for a weekly television show with Sky TV ended. In year one, TDM shifted the brands focus from being a creator of broadcast content, deciding to redirect attention to WrestleTalk’s pre-existing YouTube channel. This deal was to originally agreed to last only six months and if TDM could not turn the flagging brand around, WrestleTalk would cease to exist. The transformation has been miraculous.

WrestleTalk is now the world’s biggest wrestling media brand, with over over 1 million YouTube subscribers and around 8M monthly video views across its main and sister channels. The website is now the most viewed news site in the industry, generating around one hundred million page views annually. On top of this, TDM has taken the WT brand into various other areas, including a monthly print magazine, live events and the WrestleShop.Com merchandise arm of the business too.

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